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I think there is a slight plot-hole in the Jumi Arc, since we first see Rubens trying to find a cure for his petrified lover, but when we meet Diana with Esmeralda she’s awake - then petrified later when she closes her heart. Were we supposed to meet her petrified then the order of the quest changed ?

In any way that means her petrification is her own doing, not a curse. Did she close her heart on impulse, unable to deal with the war’s consequences, or did she deliberately left Rubens behind ? Is Rubens really trying to find a cure, or does he leave her alone, thinking she would suffer again if she woke up ? 

Does Diana know what happened to Rubens before Sandra got to her ? Am I actually gonna be able to overcome my Jumi feels or am I gonna drown in them ?


Hey guys! I’m always in need of money I decided to start a Patreon page for my art. As I explain there, the main idea is to use it to pay for school and for my education. 

How does this Patreon thing works? Well, you make a contribution, which can be as small as big as you want, and you get access to this exclusive content I’ll be posting. Sketches, comics, and process videos of me drawing and doing art and explaining how I do it - so yeah, you get to see my face and hear my awkward everything.

There’s a good bunch of you and just a couple of dollars can make a difference. But even if you cant, spreading the word helps more than you might think. Thanks for reading this far <3


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shout out to everyone who lives in a country where nobody gives a shit about halloween

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You know as much as I like Philinda I think I want Coulson to reunite with Audrey way too much to fully enjoy it.



let me seduce you with my extensive video game knowledge

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Asker saph-y Asks:
3,4,7 for Raas (staying in the theme :3)
poly-morph poly-morph Said:

3. One strange thing/quirk/defining characteristic of their body or physical appearance.

He’s common-looking, for an orc, if only slightly thinner than the average (but he’ll gain some muscle mass by mauling lots of draugrs’ faces). He does however have more “spikes” on the face/head than the average, and that really bothers him because it gets in the way of brushing/cutting your hair (hence the shaved-head).

4. One strange thing/quirk/defining characteristic of their personality


7. How/why I came up with the concept for them

I really, REALLY wanted a sexy orc before Skyrim (just like i want a sexy qunari) and looking at what were the best stats/classes for Orcs I saw that Orc/Mage was a terrible combination.

Asker aerieyena Asks:
2, 3, and 5 about your Shepard. :)
poly-morph poly-morph Said:

2. I think she’s 31 when starting ME1 or smth ? Yeah at least 30 years old virgin.

3. She got 3 tattoos from prison, one spells her dead dog’s name ‘Monarch’; the other is two crossed guns for the two cops she killed that got her incarcerated, the third is her prison ID on the neck. They got erased during her “reconstruction” by Cerberus but she got new ones with Vega ; a Normandy symbol a Reaper-bodycount. 

5. No idea who are her parents.

Asker helvetius Asks:
So, Otto, 5, 7 10: After joining the Qun, does she still think about Cullen sometimes?
poly-morph poly-morph Said:

Never thought I’ll have to use that again, but … IT’S NOT OTTO IT’S

it comes from a japanese name and Otto is another one of my characters. 5 & 7 answered previously so :

10. Not really, she got closure on Cullen a long time ago. It was more of an intense teenage crush than real love. She loved to love him more than she actually loved him if you see what I mean. And as we all know, crushes tend to vanish as soon as you act on them. She started losing interest after their flirt-thingy and then she distanced herself - both emotionally and geographically - when living her own life and travelling with Zevran and Sten

She saw him one last time after the battle of Kirkwall, when looking for Anders & Justice (and sadly finding them). Their views on the matter shifted drastically, and they had a big disagreement : losing her two friends made her realize how rebellion was senseless and dangerous, right when he just decided to help the mage cause.

Seeing what was the symbol of order in her old life changing his mind made her lose even more faith in the cause - and the last remains of her old feelings were definetely gone.
So yeah she good now you can have him.

Asker kristollini Asks:
5, 6, 7 for Oto? :3
poly-morph poly-morph Said:

5. Her father is a fisherman, her mother takes care of the 8 kids (Oto’s the 3rd). They probably met at a village festival.

6. I actually made a comic about her first love ! 

7. Oto is my 3rd Origins character, when I was just randomly trying out all the origins. My first playthrough was a dark city elf berserker character, so I wanted someone lighter and merrier. She naturally developped her good character throughout the game, but her silliness significally increased with Luby and Inverse RP sessions :’D

1,2, 3?? i dunno any of your ocs names but u can pick whichever ones you want!!!
poly-morph poly-morph Said:

My baby Saddam 

  1. Black/brown
  2. 19 when gtfo the Vault
  3. He’s a pretty bland, nerdy-looking black dude, but he took more from his mom’s feature so he looks more from the Antilles than really afro-american.



And I’ll tell you:

1. The color of their eyes.
2. How old they are.
3. One strange thing/quirk/defining characteristic of their body or physical appearance.
4. One strange thing/quirk/defining characteristic of their personality
5. How their parents met.
6. Who their first love was, and why they loved them
7. How/why I came up with the concept for them
8. Who they eventually end up with
9. Their favorite animal.
10. Two question of your choice – anything you want!


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The index of my book will be precise and educational.


poly-morph replied to your post “there is a reduced amount of not-tv-show fanart where brienne looks…”

gurl are you trying to say that Gwendoline Christie does a bad brienne because if that’s the case I’ll sexily wrestle you in the mud for this

YOU SORELY TEMPT ME MY LADY BUT I need to be honest : I said in my post that i was talking about non-tv-show fanart, meaning, fansrts that are clearly not inspired by the show! 

I like Gwen C. :’) I haven’t watched this last season proper but from what I remember form s01 and s02 she was doing a gr8 job??